How To Start A Great Influencer Marketing Campaign

How To Start A Great Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Social Media Marketing is the ‘new thing’ for the brands who are looking to make a global impact. It is essentially marketing your product with the help of the social media world. Influencer Marketing is a form of the social media marketing that is becoming really popular nowadays among brands and marketers. 

Influencer Marketing is now used more than ever and its popularity and buzz are justified by the results that it provides. It is a good option both for increasing the brand popularity and also the brand authority. 

Although, influencer marketing campaigns have a great success rate because of their content driven programs but implementing one for your brand can be a challenging task. The campaign should be designed in such a way that it achieves all the objectives that you had set.

In this article, you will discover all the necessary things that you need to know for formulating a killer influencer marketing campaign.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying people who have a strong follower base on social media and also have an influence on the target industry of the brand. It is a strategy in which the brand collaborates with the influencers and uses their popularity and influence to create brand awareness and also increase their brand’s popularity.

The product placement that is put out by the influencer is done in such a content-driven way that the brand’s exposure in front their target audience happens in a positive and meaningful way. 

Currently, many brands are taking help of influencers because the greater part of the potential consumers of the market consists of the youngsters who use and are affected by social media more than anything else. 

One great example of effective Influencer Marketing Campaign could be the mobile company One Plus’s marketing campaign. As One Plus discovered that most of their consumers represent the Generation Zen and are very active on social media, they focused on digital marketing as their biggest weapon.  

One Plus asked many stand-up comedians and other comedy content creators to review their phones. This became a highly successful campaign and One Plus 6 became one of the most sold phones in their history. It was a really smart move because the comedy scene in India is at a growing stage and most of the consumers are young. So, this industry makes the perfect target audience for a brand like One Plus.

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How To Create An Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy?     

Influencer Marketing is all about understanding whom you want to influence and what you want to influence. Making a marketing campaign that would be beneficial for your brand both for short term and long-term objectives can be a very difficult task if you are starting from scratch and have no idea about how this world works. 

Here is an Influencer marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals and will make your brand thrive.

Determine Your Goals

If you are aware of some basics of commerce, you would know that marketing is a goal-oriented process. So, it is pretty obvious that in order to achieve your goals, you have to set them first.  Also, outlining your goals makes the process very clear and it also gives an idea of how you should track them down the metrics of your performance and your campaign and measure your success.  

Influencer Marketing helps you to achieve multiple objectives and here a few of them that you want to consider in your case:

Creating Brand Awareness: It means making more people recognize your brand and it should be done to the extent that the brand’s name should be enough to trust the product or service it provides.

Audience Building: It involves marketing done to make more people follow and subscribe to your brand.

Boosting Sales: Influencer Marketing is widely used to boost sales as the influencers convince their audience to purchase the brand’s products. 

Engagement: it means making your posts more audience engaging and getting more likes, comments and shares on your post. 

Customer Loyalty: It involves valuing your customers through discounts and giveaway contests and thus keeping them connected to the brand. 

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Set Your Budget

In any marketing campaign, money is one of the most vital factors as the scale of operation hugely depends on the budget that you set. So, setting a budget that is good enough to achieve the objectives of the campaign. 

Also, businesses often make the mistake of spending way too much on marketing campaigns. So much that sometimes the results are not worth the money spent on achieving them. 

Research well and find out what are the marketing tools you want to spend your money on and make sure if they are really necessary. Remember, marketing is mostly an economic activity and every such activity is aimed at earning profit. So, spending extravagantly over things that are of very little use or have free alternatives is the last thing you want to do. 

Define Your Audience

Social Media Marketing particularly focuses on a target audience and tries to cover a niche industry. So, it is quite obvious that before finding an influencer, you must focus on finding your audience. 

There are various tools available online which may help you to find your target audience. For example, you can use Google Trends to know the metrics of people who are searching for the keyword you want to target. These demographics can help you discover your target audience. 

Always keep in mind, that in case of influencer marketing, it is always best to be very specific. Even the tiniest of things can make a huge difference. 

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Find Potential Influencers

Once you have defined the audience you are targeting, it is now time to search for the influencers that can help you deliver your message to that audience. 

Now, this is the part where people make mistakes. Research well before locking any deal with any random influencer. There are many boxes that you must tick before finalizing the influencer which will help you market your product. 

These are some questions you should ask yourself before starting the process of collaboration with a social media influencer:

  • Whether you want to invest your money in a big social media celebrity or various micro-influencers?
  • Does the influencer’s audience resemble with the target audience that you have defined for your brand?
  • Does the influencer put out content that is somehow related to your brand?
  • Does the influencer have decent engagement rates on his posts regularly?
  • Has the Influencer working with the competing brands?

Collaborate with Influencers

Now that you have selected the potential influencers, it is time to reach out to them and form a partnership. Let the influencer know about what you expect from them and also ask them about the compensation they would like to be offered. 

The most important part of the collaboration is creating meaningful content together that will be made public to your target audience. The sponsored post should be convincing and genuine at the same time. 

It is really important for the brand to be open for any kind of creative help from the influencers as they know exactly about what really works in the technical world.

Decide the social media platforms that will be used for the collaboration and the timeline of the campaign. Focus on forming a strong professional relationship. 

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Review the Influencer Marketing Campaign Results

Finally, review the results of the campaign through the engagement rates, CPCs and the effect in the volume of sales. 

See if the goals that you had set in the beginning are in the process of getting accomplished. Measure the Return of Investment of the campaign and also find out which were the best performing contents and the worst ones too. 

This would greatly help you in the next marketing campaign that you are going to make. 


Influencer Marketing is growing every day with the growth of social media. Although it is a recent marketing strategy, the concept however is not very new. 

It is human tendency that we get more convinced by what people say than what sellers say. Influencer Marketing is exactly that. 

The steps mentioned in this article will help you in making a perfect marketing campaign for yourself and it is sure that you would yourself come up with many new ideas in the process. Do not forget to share them with us.

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