Important Influencer Marketing Trends to watch in 2021

 Change is the only constant which is why to remain a part of the Internet, one has to stay updated with the trends. Just like the apps keep getting updated. Similarly, with time trends also keep changing. 

     Influencers leave a huge impact on people’s minds more than ever in 2021. Influencer marketing agencies are trying their level best to keep up with the trends and create campaigns that are trendy and relatable for the audience.  

     Let’s Influence is an influencer marketing agency based out of Mumbai. It is known for creating influencer marketing strategies, coming up with great campaigns, bringing more brand collaborations and staying updated with the trends. 

     You might be wondering what are the upcoming influencer marketing trends in 2021, right? 

     Here we have listed some of the influencer marketing trends that will be the new ways adapted by the influencers to stay relevant to their audience. 


  • Reels 

Instagram came up with the “Reels” feature in mid-2020. After TikTok was banned. They were very smart with their strategy as people were hooked to watching 15-30 second videos on Tiktok. Now, they are doing the same at Instagram. Influencers are making more and more reels which are informative and entertaining, both. Influencers are highly likely to continue this trend in 2021.


  • IGTV

This feature will also be used more often in 2021. Influencers give new hacks and tricks on various things like make-up, education, study tips, Resume making, how to collaborate with brands and so much more. The IGTV feature will be used more and will be trendy. 


  • Memes 

One of the newest ways of marketing is through Memes. Many people can relate to memes and in today’s stressful life everyone wants to relate over something funny. Brands use memes to market their product very smartly and people share it with their friends and relatives which gives them more visibility. 


  • Replying to Comments 

In 2021, influencers are not “out of reach” anymore because they will start replying to their comments. If not all then the top comments. This will be beneficial for the brands and influencers because people can give their feedback’s on the comment section. Influencers and Brands can work on the negative feedback’s to make their branding better and self-improvement, both. 


  • Real Life stories 

Influencers and brands will share their real-life tragedies and stories more often because people will be able to relate to it. Everyone has problems but till now, not many influencers or brands  were sharing about how they feel “mentally.” Even people have understood that everyone has problems so when influencers and brands will talk about them it will make them relatable.


  • Collaborations 

The major trend that will grow massively, seems to be brand collaborations. Brands will collaborate with micro and macro-influencers a lot more than earlier because the brands will get more visibility. So, brands will contact influencer marketing agencies to collaborate on various influencer marketing platforms



This is how these tend to be different upcoming trends to watch in 2021. There could be many more exciting trends too. As we know, the internet can never be completely predicted. However, all brands and influencers try to be at their top game and stay trendy!

Written by – Ayushi Navani

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