Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020

Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020

Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020 – We are living in an ever changing world of technological advancements and hardly any industry has managed to escape its influence. Following this, brands have also moulded their approach to market their products and services and this is how we were introduced to the much hyped concept of influencer marketing. Irrespective of geographies, Influencers have been impacting our taste in clothes, places to travel, makeup, food, health, and much more. And with the emergence of this new type of marketing, we further see many latest shifts and “influencer marketing trends in 2020” itself. The budgets for influencer marketing continued to rise in 2019, and there are no signs of these numbers going down in 2020 either. Let’s take a look at a few of the latest trends in influencer marketing:  

Instagram Is On The Roll

With 1 billion-plus user, Instagram is emerging as the primary social media platform for both young and established entrepreneurs. For its ease of use and presence of a huge audience, Instagram remains to be a favorite for those who run influencer marketing campaigns. Additionally, Instagram has been proved to be the quickest way to reach the relevant eyeballs all around the globe. 

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Buying Time For The Audience

It’s true that a good product is what buys the audience more time. In simple words, the audience today doesn’t want to consume large chunks of content. They are looking for “bite-sized” content that they can quickly watch, grasp, and share with their friends. Following this, we have been witnessing a slight competition between Insta and TikTok where TikTok is expected to capture a larger market share than Instagram in 2020.

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Bridging The Gap Between Influencers And Celebrities

There is no doubt that celebrities are hugely beneficial for major brands and collaborations but it’s not always worthwhile to target celebrities with millions of followers as even a single promotional post can hurt your pockets. Hence, we can expect brands targeting micro-influencers with a smaller following but the ones who are authentic, dedicated, and have a relevant audience.

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Increase In Use Of Audience Insights 

It’s a revolution in terms of understanding your customer better and if analysed properly, audience Insights allow brands and marketers to view information, demographics, audience engagement, and learn how to target audiences for an optimal result. A good influencer would be the one who has the most relevant audience for you and hence picking the right influencer changes the whole scenario in terms of branding and improving reach.

Personalisation Is What’s In

Audiences like brands that understand them and which is why the majority of influencers are trying to connect with their audience on a more personal and individual level in order to provide a better and more connected experience. So following this approach, brands can definitely reap the benefits of influencer marketing.

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Long Term Partnerships

Audience like loyalty i.e. more an influencer stays with the brand, better and more reliable the product is for the followers. So, brands and influencers are expected to begin working together to build long relationships. With stronger connections and partnerships, influencers can begin to layer in their authenticity and brand identity audience engagement becomes more effective. The mantra to keep in mind is “ longer the relationship between brands and influencers,  better customer retention will be.”

Artificial Intelligence For The Win

Do you get stunned when you see individualised messages in your phone’s notification like “Melissa loves black and 50% off on all black dresses”? Yes, this is what the intelligent systems are doing these days. They are reading their consumer behaviour with the help of their entire journey analysis. This allows brands to understand their customers more thoroughly and can target them more effectively for a lower CPA. So, if you’re a brand you better know your customers and prospects.

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