Send Personalized Birthday Wishes To Your Loved Ones with UNLU

Had it not been for social media, everyday people had absolutely zero chances of celebrity interactions. The advent of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presented us with possibilities to engage with celebrities. With absolutely zero chances of getting a reply, hopeless fans bombarded the social media profiles of stars with repeated requests for happy birthday wishes. Over the past few years, the emergence of several celebrity interaction platforms including UNLU have connected regular everyday people with celebrities through video messages.   

Blurry selfies and hastily taken autographs outside crowded events have been replaced by customized video messages by renowned names. Such personalized video messages by celebs have become hugely popular in the virtual gifting space amid this pandemic. Sending video messages by celebrities as birthday surprises are transforming gifting experiences all over the world. UNLU, a two-way interaction platform lets you materialize happy birthday greetings as personalized video messages delivered by a host of celebrities. The easily accessible platform has roped in artists and performers from different walks of life including singers, sportspersons, athletes, poets, comedians, thought-leaders to name a few. You can easily register yourself as UNLU user and finally live your distant dream by paying a few thousand rupees.      

These video messages are experiences that will be etched in the memory of your near and dear ones as one of the best birthday surprises in their lifetime. Aside from gifting experiences, it also lets UNLU users and their dear ones enjoy their share of fan moments in the form of personalized happy birthday wishes that can be relived again and again through the video message.    

How To Get a Celebrity To Wish Someone 

With the coronavirus unleashing its wrath on the world, we need to accept and adjust to the new norms of social distancing. While we adopt preventive management strategies to stay safe- wearing masks, working from home, avoiding non essential gatherings and meetings; why not resort to the digital ways of gifting as well. UNLU is a celebrity engagement platform on which everyday folks can purchase personalized birthday messages as birthday greetings. The UNLU application allows its users to choose from celebrities of every stripe and request them to pass on wishes to their loved ones at a price. The Gurugram based app which already has 300+ celebrities on-board further aspires to offer personalized interactions with 10,000+ celebrities in the future.  

Instead of feeling sad about not being able to host a grand birthday party for your spouse, why not extend a personalized happy birthday greeting message by R. Madhavan that too at a lesser price. Need to send a surprise birthday ritual to your best friend, but you are bound by the COVID-19 induced social distancing? Why don’t you send her birthday wishes by the all-star badminton player, Saina Nehwal!

You can access this service by installing the UNLU app and registering yourself as a UNLU user. Choose from our list of celebrities and make a request which includes the details of your personalized birthday message. Once your request is accepted by the celebrity, a personalized video message will be on your way within 7-14 days landing in your application inbox. UNLU lets the video recipients download and share the celebrity recorded video messages. You cannot fathom the exceptional happiness of getting wished on your birthday by a celebrity you adore. UNLU takes your gifting experiences a notch up by making a simple birthday greeting a star-studded affair. So, download the UNLU app now and gift your loved one’s experiences beyond socially distant hugs and masked hellos. 

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