The Rise of Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

The Rise of Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

Launched in 2011, Snapchat has become the social media platform of choice for Generation Z. It mirrors the way they live their life. They chat with someone, walk away and only a memory of the conversation remains. Snapchat works the same way, someone sends you a snap, you look at it and then it vanishes after a short time. Snapchat has 186 million daily active users as of Q4 2018. According to Snapchat, they have reached 90% of all 13-24 year old people in the US. The demographic of Snapchat is mostly youthful and it is one of the most prominent places brands can market to the Gen Z. In this article, we will discuss the potential of influencer marketing on Snapchat.

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The Launch of Snapchat Stories and Discover

Snaps are short video clips or photos that are permanently deleted after a user sees it. In the initial days, Snapchat was treated as just another app but the introduction of Snapchat Stories changed that perception. Snapchat Stories are a collection of posts that remain live for 24 hours after being posted instead of being deleted almost immediately. All of the creator’s friends can see the Stories. Stories are often used as a collection of video snippets that relate to a particular topic or tell a story when put together.

The launch of Snapchat DIscover enabled users to distribute their content and find content from other creators. This motivated brands and media companies to create content on the platform for Snapchat users. Brands began to pay attention to Snapchat as a way to market to a young audience after the launch of Snapchat Stories and Discover.

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Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

Many marketers use Snapchat for promotions, especially during an event. One instance of this is the Coachella music festival where users Snapped 10 second videos that reached a total of 40 million people. The one downside to Snapchat as a marketing platform is the cost. According to Adweek, Snapchat has quoted an amount of $750K per day to advertise on the platform. Brands have begun to utilize influencer marketing on Snapchat to promote their products and services.

It has been observed that users follow other users they either know personally or those they consider to be influencers (users they admire). Brands collaborate with influencers to tell their brand story in an authentic and organic way. Brands want influencers to promote their products to users who believe in them. Essentially, influencer marketing on Snapchat works as an organized form on word of mouth marketing.

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One of the emerging trends for influencer marketing on Snapchat is executing a Snapchat takeover. In such campaigns, brands hand over the reigns of the Snapchat account to an influencer. An example of such a campaign is DJ Khaled’s Snapchat takeover with Mad Intense Gum for 24 hours where he introduced the Gum on the platform followed by producing an exclusive Stride Gum-themed track featuring cameos by two fellow musicians. Another example, prankster Logan Paul took over Sour Pitch Kids Snapchat account for five days. Logan did prankster activities with Sour Pitch characters and his followers saw the content. The campaign resulted in Sour Pitch Kids earning 120K followers on Snapchat.

As Snapchat continues to add more features, the potential for unique marketing campaigns in boundless. Brands will continue to leverage the opportunities to design and execute creative and original campaigns for influencer marketing on Snapchat.

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