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Top 10 Luxury Influencers in India

Being an influencer is the new trend. We all know someone who now has a public profile and posts reels on their Instagram. But there are a few people who have been doing this for years. These influencers aren’t just doing it for the sake of doing it anymore. They are now luxuriously promoting their lives through the Gram. These are the top 10 Luxury Influencers in India:

  • Masoom Minawala Mehta

Masoom brings to life her own fashion portal, “Miss Style Fiesta”. She is one of the most stylish influencers whose fashion choices are luxurious and affordable at the same time. Whoever thought that there was just one way to wear a piece of clothing certainly never checked out Masoom’s Instagram!

  • Diipa Khosla

With a fan following of 1.4M+ on Instagram, Diipa Khosla is constantly making India proud. She thoroughly rocks the life of an influencer and a mum at the same time. Her recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival just 2 months after the birth of a child is an inspiration for thousands of women out there.

  • Juhi Godambe

The Instagram of Juhi Godambe is no less than a dream come true. The owner of Arabella is living her life to the fullest by collaborating with top-notch fashion brands and creating her own fits. Watching her wedding shenanigans and her own parents doing her makeup is a treat for all of us!

  • Natasha Luthra

Name a niche and you will find content related to it on Natasha’s gram. Whether we talk about luxury, fashion, travel, lifestyle, or beauty, she covers it all. If you need advice about what to wear or where to head in a particular city to get the most amazing pictures, head to her profile right away.

  • Aashna Shroff

Aashna’s gram is aesthetics at its best. With a family of 872K and rising, Aashna has accomplished multiple milestones in life. After establishing her online page “The Snob Shop”, Aashna faced multiple problems but did not stop herself. Her attitude of not giving up is the reason she could appear and give a speech on TedX!

  • Niki Mehra

A unique style of dressing and blogging has brought almost 400,000 people to follow Niki Mehra. Niki’s hashtags #NMRethinks and #Hacksbyniki have brought her into the limelight on the Instagram world. She is the perfect example of knowing what you want to do since childhood and then growing up to accomplish the goal.

  • Kompal Matta Kapoor

Hashtag Couple Goals is what we think of every time we go through Kompal’s Instagram! Travelling with your special one, having staycations, and living a beautiful life together is what Kompal’s gram screams. She completed her education in Delhi and has now made a big name for herself in America.

  • Prerna Goel

Prerna Goel is a fierce model, entrepreneur, and stylist who has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the industry. Her fans love witnessing her accomplish her forte of luxury consulting and styling.

  • Gopalika Virmani

Gopalika is an influencer whose joy reflects in every post that she publishes. She is a Covid-19 hit bride but we would be lying if we said her wedding in Agra was anything less than STUNNING. Her love for her work makes thousands fall in love with it too.

  • Amrita Thakur

Heartwarming content is what you will find on Amrita’s profile. Her luxurious lifestyle in fashion while handling a child is commendable. After all, who does not love baby content?

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