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Top 10 travel influencers in India

India has been blessed with the bounties of nature, and all thanks to the travel bloggers who share their amazing experiences and motivate us to pack our bags and get out of our homes. Below is a list of the top 10 travel influencers in India, who mesmerize us with their wonderful travel stories.

Top 10 travel influencers in India:

  • Nikhil Sharma

With over 1.3M Instagram followers and 37+ Lakh YouTube Subscribers, Nikhil Sharma is one of the most loved travel influencers in India. Whether you talk about London, Washington, Greece, or South Korea, he has been to them all. In addition to being a lifestyle vlogger, Nikhil is an actor by profession.  

  • Savi & Vid

If we had to give Savi and Vid another name, it would certainly be relationship goals. After being each other’s high school romances, Savi & Vid got married and decided to pursue their common passion for travel. In their 12 years of travel, these two have set foot into 96 different countries, penning their experiences down for their lakhs of followers.

  • Larissa D’sa

If motivation is what you are looking out for, Larissa’s profile screams it out. Her journey of transforming herself into a blogger and vlogger who specializes in different fields of DIY, beauty, travel, and art is remarkable. This graphic designer has a big fat bag of relatable content that always intrigues her followers.

  • Nitibha Kaul

Nitibha is quite literally a “Commoner turned Celebrity”. After excelling with education and jobs, Nitibha turned to fashion and travel. Her love for social media reflects in all her posts and videos. She even shares her own lifestyle experiences on her YouTube channel “Nitibha Knows”.

  • Shenaz Treasury

Travelling is Shenaz’s happy place and we could not complain. Once a model, actress, host, and writer, Shenaz has now combined all her passions to become a travel vlogger. While Shenaz’s content is raw and pure, she is also an active social worker. Her constant interaction with her followers is paving the way for her future.

  • Aakriti Rana

Aakriti is a stunning stylist and fashion blogger whose journey began in 2014 after a fashion blog named “La Chica Lola” almost broke the internet. In addition to blogging and vlogging, Aakriti has been a part of beauty pageants while also getting the title home. She created her YouTube channel after gaining popularity due to her blog and there has been no turning back ever since.

  • Tanya Khanijow

Tanya’s courage and adventurous attitude with every travel is breaking stereotypes. Solo travelling and exploring new places are no more a hobby for Tanya but a full-time job that she loves. Her travel hacks and personal experiences are garnering her more popularity every single day.

  • Juhi Godambe

After completing her education in the London School of Trends, Juhi founded her very own brand of fashion, Arabella. Juhi was an introverted child in school who later realized her passion for fashion. She later picked it up as her career and the present speaks for itself.

  • Aakash Malhotra

Aakash has hopped, jumped, and skipped between being a “Travelpreneur” and owning a digital advertising firm. His never-ending footsteps across the globe have made him a fan favourite. His feed is a beautiful compilation of the 42 countries he has visited – aesthetic and stunning would be our two words for it.

  • Radhika Nomllers

Radhika calls herself a “professional nomad”, and we do not disagree. After leaving the corporate world, Radhika decided to travel the world. Her love for the outdoors and adventure attracts the youth to her profile the most. She even highlights financially sustainable journeys for her followers.

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