How to Build a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign?

What do marketers need to know about Influencer Marketing in 2021?

It has become very important to stay updated and be aware of the upcoming influencer marketing trends. Digital marketers have to be at the top of their game with their influencer marketing strategies, campaigns and tricks to get more interaction from the audience. They have to make sure that the influencers are putting up relevant posts, videos and reels. 


  • Paid Ads – 

Digital marketers can opt for sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook. Here they will have to pay a certain amount to Instagram and Facebook according to their budget and they can choose their target audience. This target audience can be selected according to age group, gender and by keeping various factors in mind. So the posts will be shown to that specific audience and it can help influencers and brands to gain more followers. 


  • Giveaways – 

The followers should feel like they also have some benefits by following a particular influencer or a brand, out of so many influencers that are out there. This is why marketers need to come up with giveaway contests for their followers. The giveaway contests can ask the followers to finish a quiz, perform new tasks or share some hacks and the top five best answers will win goodies. This is a great way to interact with followers and keep them engaged. Giveaways can be done on various influencer marketing platforms. 


  • Growth by Collaborations – 

Here it is not only about brand collaborations but also about collaborating with other influencers. The influencers that come from the same backgrounds. For example- If there’s a fitness influencer then he/she can collaborate with a nutritionist and do an IGTV video together. This will make their target audience keen and intrigued towards the content.


  • Answering FAQ’s –

Sometimes, there are too many similar ideas or trends going around. If one influencer had planned to upload a certain post but there was some other influencer who already posted the same thing then instead of not uploading any posts, the influencer can answer some FAQ’s. The influencer can make a video by answering the FAQ’s and post that. It will help in clearing the doubts that the audience has and also help the influencer stay consistent. 


  • Considering Feedback –

Digital Marketers or Social media marketers have to make it a point to consider feedback which is given from the audience. The audience might be having a specific issue in the way the content is being posted or would wish to see variations in those posts. It is important to keep their feedback in mind and come up with content accordingly. 


  • Festive Marketing –

This is a new form of marketing in today’s world. Be it celebrating Valentine’s day with goodies, gifting heart cushions, chocolates or be it celebrating Holi by hosting a giveaway for contestants with most colourful photos. Festive marketing is being given more importance in the upcoming years because it increases engagement and visibility by a larger amount.


About Let’s Influence –

Let’s Influence is a Mumbai-based Influencer marketing agency. It is very well known for its strategies, campaigns, branding and improving interaction. It is known to stand out from other influencer marketing agencies in India. It has handled some of the topmost brands and made them achieve their influencer marketing goals by planning and strategizing them perfectly.

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